Equipment Supply

We supply below mentioned equipments to our clients and also we provide same equipments on the Rental basis

  • SRP Diving System
  • Air Diving System
  • Mix Gas Diving System
  • Saturation Diving System
  • Inspection & work class ROV
  • Survey Equipments
  • Project Equipments
  • PPE & Divers Personal Gear
  • Assist in hiring DPII DSV & other Vessel

Submarine Cable Laying Specialist

Mr. Talal Nasser Al Ismaili, Managing Director of the company is a member of International Cable Protection Committee and he was personally involved in laying of 1,26,479 Kilometers of submarine cables for the different clients in worldwide projects.

We consider the Cable Shore-end Installation as our most expertise skill

  • If the water is too shallow for the main lay vessel to approach safely, a pre-lay shore end method is used. A shallow drafted vessel is used to lay the shore end with floats
  • In water depths where there are risks due to fishing or other external aggression such as anchoring etc, we protect the cable with articulated pipes and/or bury the cable to a depth of approximately 1 meter.
  • Our shore end team ensures that the cable is laid to conform to the contours of the seabed to avoid cable suspension.
  • Cable Protection & Stabilization by different methodologies, based on surveyed seabed conditions, are the keys to safety and long life of the cable.

We provide complete solutions for the following submarine cable work

  • Telecom/Power Cables Maintenances.
  • Telecom/Power Cables Stabilization & Protection (Shore-ends, Articulated Pipes).
  • Cable & Pipelines Burial
  • Underwater Video & Photography Inspection Reports
  • Diving fleet and cable installation dive support.
  • Maintenance and repair of subsea systems.
  • Support for new cable installations, rerouting of cable systems and civil works.
  • Global Remedial Works, cable suspensions & pinning.
  • Vessel support of submarine cables.
  • Design and development of landing points and beach joints.
  • Direct shore end landings
  • Pre-lay shore end landings.
  • Diving Assistance in Shallow water cable repairs.
  • Horizontal directional drilling pulls.
  • J-tube pulls.
  • Pre-lay grapnel run and route clearance.
  • Ocean ground bed installation
  • Jet sled burial
  • Land fiber optic installations
  • Uxo survey and clearance.
  • Marine survey up to 400m water depths.
  • Pipeline installation
  • Pipeline trenching
  • Offshore burial of submarine cable and pipeline
  • Submarine cable project permitting
  • Supply and installation of cable protection systems for fiber optic and power cables
  1. Articulated pipes
  2. Anchoring & stabilization systems
  3. Concrete bags
  4. Concrete mattress,
  5. Installation of environmentally approved screw anchors

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